Zach Herron interview – video

zach herron 8/12 interview why don’t we

creds to dailyupdateswdw on twitter! and 1043NOW! :)

zach herron being zach herron #2

zach herron being himself number 2!!! hope y'all enjoy lmao he's such a bean i swear.

wholesome zach herron moments

so i just spent like 4 hours on this,, all the video's i used are in my playlist 'wholesome zach herron' thank u for watching love u ...

zach herron being the petty/extra bitch he is

fite me i dare u (lol i love him so much i just wanna squish his cheeks and call him a princess)

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Why Don't We Funniest Interview Ever.

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zach herron being zach herron on stage for 2 minutes straight

PLEASE READ: This is not a hate video at all, it's just a funny and cute little montage Follow me on: Instagram ...


El tema de Zach y la caída del escenario.

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