Yuya Matsushita interview – video

[Exclusive] tokyohive sits down with Matsushita Yuya at FanimeCon 2011!

http://www.tokyohive.com/2011/06/exclusive-tokyohive-sits-down-with-matsushita-yuya-at-fanimecon-2011/ On Memorial Day ...

Interview with J-Pop Group X4 at FanimeCon 2017

Recently we attended FanimeCon 2017 in San Jose, CA and we had the pleasure of interviewing music Guest of Honor, X4!

松下優也 Yuya Matsushita Tumbling Final Interview

Hey, I recorded the interview from http://dogatch.jp. I hope you like it ^_^ (The black screen for some seconds is because of the ...

exct_video inter.

yuya excite music video interview.

Villarreal interviews - Yuya Matsumoto

Interview with EdukickMadrid player Yuya Matsumoto in Villarreal.

TOKYO FM Yonpachi 2017.10.13 - Matsushita Yuya 松下 優也

Hey everyone, we created a slideshow for this interview, so that you can see what they´re talking about :) And also, you can check ...

Yuya : 2.5D part 1

An interview for his 2nd album "2U" release on Feb 22nd, 2012.

Yuya Matsushita Anniversary Message for Nippon Project

5th Anniversary Message from Yuya Matsushita at the FanimeCon. Find an interview, gallery and live report about his ...

Busaiku Kingdom (Guests: Matsushita Yuya & Kitamura Ryo) Part 4/4

Hi guys and merry christmass! Well it just hit 12 AM here so merry belated christmas. XD I am alivvee! Sorry for not updating ...

Yuya : 2.5D part 3

An interview for his 2nd album "2U" release on Feb 22nd, 2012.

FanimeCon 2011 - Gilles Poitras Interview Pt. 1/3

Part 1 of 3 of the California Conventions Blog's interview with Guest of Honor Gilles Poitras.

#robyncrawfordinterview #asongforyou Robyn Crawford Interview at the Woodland

Didn't get to go see Robyn Crawford give an interview about her deep friendship with Whitney Houston, live from the Woodland in ...

Yuya : 2.5D part 2

An interview for his 2nd album "2U" release on Feb 22nd, 2012.

Some Fanime interviews

Me and my friend were interviewing some random cosplayers XD.

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