Shigeaki Kato interview – video

Sumi sensei (8 Dan) vs Lancini sensei (7 Dan) Jigeiko

During the visit of Sumi sensei at Shubukan dojo in Torino I recorsed some of the jigeiko. If I do not mistake the opponent of Sumi ...

Tamara Broderick (MIT) Research Misconduct - Edge Exchangeability

Response to Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2016 paper by Tamara Broderick, Diana Cai and Trevor Campbell.

A Guide To Anime Music Composers [Part 1] | The Canipa Effect

Canipa spotlights some of anime's greatest music composers in this 5-part biographical series. AnimeOSTBot: ...

Scientific Fraud, Misconduct, & the Federal Response

Scientific Fraud, Misconduct, & the Federal Response - 1988-04-11 - Product 2177-1-DVD - House Committee Government ...

Zero: Ikkaku Senkin Game Drama - Preview 30s

Zero: The Bravest Money Game Plot Synopsis: Zero Ukai (Shigeaki Kato) teaches middle school students at a private institute.

My Neurons Made Me Do It

Jed Rakoff '64, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York, spoke on Constitution Day 2011 about how ...

Dr Dipak Das replies to allegations of scientific fraud

Dr. Dipak Das, responds to allegations of scientific fraud directly in an in-person interview.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What Retractions Tell Us About Scientific Transparency

Ivan Oransky Retraction Watch Zeeba TV ( is part of the River Valley group of Companies.

Film Review: 'Pink And Gray' starring Nakajima Yuto & Suda Masaki (from Shigeaki Kato's 2012 Novel)

AmandaTalksJdrama #NakajimaYuto #SudaMasaki Film Review: 'Pink And Gray' [Pinku To Gure] | 2016 'Pink & Gray' (or Pinku to ...

The LNT fraud

Edward Calabrese (professor of Toxicology at the Univ. of Massachusetts) talks about one of the best organized scientific frauds ...

After Dinner News Jpop Interview Part 2.

This might contain the funniest 50 seconds of a TV Studio Program at AIPH ever.

NGR Surfing Contest 2012

Surfers, who have NGR as well as LSD surfboard, gathered at Shida-shita surfing point to get four tickets of finalists on 21th July, ...

Anderson / Vaughan (1/7)

This is a discussion between John Anderson and Paul Vaughan at the University of Michigan DPS office on March 6rd, 2002.

Aging and Inmate Misconduct

Two important social trends in the contemporary United States are the aging of the population and the growth of incarceration as a ...

News (Ima wa) part 1 - Sky no Rakuen

Very Cool video!! Big bunch of Awesome! Thank you Ichiakil!

Amsterdam Alternative AIDS Conference

Highlights of this unique gathering of dissident scientists Sky News 1992 The deliberate false ...

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