Marlene Dietrich interview – video

Marlene Dietrich 1960 TV Interview: "Blue Angel" Remake & Film Career

Marlene discusses her film career: "The Blue Angel" (and its remake, starring May Britt) and her Hollywood roles.

Marlene Dietrich on Greta Garbo

Marlene Dietrich talking about Greta Garbo during a 1971 interview in Copenhagen. (Not the full interview)

Marlene Dietrich, Maria Riva--Intimate Revealing Interview, 1993 TV

Maria Riva discusses intimate details of the life of her mother Marlene Dietrich in this 1993 TV interview with Diane Sawyer.

Marlene Dietrich Presents Foreign Language Award: 1951 Oscars

Marlene Dietrich presents an Honorary Foreign Language Film Award to France/Italy and The Walls of Malapaga, voted by the ...

Marlene Dietrich Interview: 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone' & Burt Bacharach.

French-language backstage interview conducted in Belgium, c 1963. Marlene discusses 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone?' (then ...

Marlene Dietrich TV Interview: Paris 1959

Rare but brief interview in a TV studio: Paris 1959 Marlene Dietrich.

MARLENE DIETRICH im Gespräch mit Peter Fässlacher

Sie war eine der großen Stil-Ikonen des 20. Jahrhunderts: Marlene Dietrich. In einem ungewöhnlichen TV-Experiment schlüpft ...


In two 'Tonight' show appearances in 1964 and 1967, Judy Garland shares her dishy take on Marlene Dietrich.

Maria Riva 1993 Interview

Maria Riva is interviewed by Connie Martinson about her book "Marlene Dietrich."

Maximilian Schell on Marlene Dietrich

Henderson's Film Industries have spent the last 13 years interviewing some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With the majority ...

Marlene Dietrich in London: Café de Paris Interview (1955)

Marlene Dietrich speaks to listeners of radio's "Monitor" programme via a transatlantic line from London, about her success at the ...

Marlene Dietrich - last performance Last performance in the movie "Just a gigolo"

Marlene Dietrich - Billy Wilder Talks About - Marlene Dietrich.wmv

1980's interview with Director Billy Wilder. In this segment Wilder talks somewhat candidly about his professional and personal ...

Marlene Dietrich: The Lost London TV Show! 1972.

Marlene Dietrich's London TV special was taped over two nights in November 1972. The original broadcast contained excerpts ...

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