Madilyn Paige interview – video

The Voice: Season 6 "Battle Rounds": Team Usher - Madilyn Paige Interview

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“Irreplaceable” & “Nearer, My God, to Thee” - Madilyn Paige

Accomplished singer Madilyn Paige performs her original song “Irreplaceable” and her rendition of “Nearer, My God, to Thee.

The voice battles Bria Kelly vs Madilyn Paige "I'll stand by you"

Battle for team Usher Bria kelly vs Madilyn paige singing "ill stand by you" by The Pretenders.

The Voice 2017 - After The Voice: Episode 11 (Digital Exclusive)

See what Bryan Bautista, Mary Sarah, Madilyn Paige, and more have been up to since their time on The Voice! » Get The Voice ...

Madilyn Paige auditions on NBC's "The Voice"

Provo high schooler Madilyn Paige cuts an audition on NBC's "The Voice," and her choir instructor from Timpview High School, ...

I Wrote a Song Using Only Hate Comments 2

Don't be a troll. Get out from under your bridge and make someone smile:) Here is a part 2 to my previous video I Wrote a Song ...

Madilyn Paige from NBC's The Voice Album Back Story

Album Available NOW on iTunes: iTunes: So excited about this album! Here are back stories to each song!

The Voice : Tanner James reveals how it feels

Two artists from Provo are now featured on NBC's "The Voice" season six. Both Tanner James and Madilyn Paige landed on the ...

Madilyn Paige - We're Just People (2015 Strength of Youth Song)

Madilyn Paige singing We're Just People for 2015 LDS Strength of Youth music album.

Madilyn Paige - Titanium (Lyrics) | The Voice Season 6

Hi guys! I can bet all of u love the Titanium song by Sia. But this girl, Madilyn who was the contestant of the voice belonging to ...

#LIGHTtheWORLD Food Drive Benefit Concert ft. Madilyn Paige and Motion Coaster

LET'S BE FRIENDS: Instagram: Facebook: ...

MADILYN PAIGE: Little Things

It's the little things in life that really make the difference in life, as Madilyn Paige of NBC's The Voice sings in her original song, ...

Firework - Katy Perry (Cover) | Madilyn Paige

Official Madilyn Paige cover of Firework by Katy Perry off the 2010 album Teenage Dreams. I covered this song as a special ...

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