Jamia Simone Nash interview – video

Jamia Nash's '08 Tavis Smiley Interview(AUDIO)

(Air Date:February 22,2008)The audio starts @ 0:10.

Haben Abraham on the Maury's talented kids Show

Haben Abraham performing at the Maury's Most talented kids show. Notice, she was fighting a very tough cold and is singing with ...

Jamia at the David Foster Gala Rehearsals in 2006

Jamia starts @ 3:20.She rehearsed "Who's Loving You" by The Jackson 5 and "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.

Jamia Nash in"Life Is Not A Fairytale."

In the summer of 2006,9 year old Jamia played a 10 year old Fantasia in her Lifetime t.v. movie,"Like Is Not A Fairytale.

Jamia and Chip in the Studio

www.thisisjamia.com www.twitter.com/ThisIsJamia www.twitter.com/OfficialChip www.twitter.com/BOEGlobal.

August Rush: Preview and Interviews

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Keri Russell, and Freddie Highmore discuss "August Rush."

Jamia Nash on GMA

This was a brief interview with Charles Mack and The Impact Repertory Theater of Harlem. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS ...

August Rush

This is just an experiment. I just wanted to see if I could upload a quicktime clip from Apple's website. This is a film clip of a movie ...

jamia simone nash

who's loving you elle chante tro bien ste petite.

Black Child Actresses

A slideshow of African-American child actresses, including Vanessa Lee Chester, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Jamia Simone Nash, ...

Seeking Simone - The Soul Meat Audition Tapes

Simone tries to play it straight in this recently found audition tape for an online dating site. For more Simone, visit ...

Freddie Highmore and Jamia Simone Nash

Freddie Highmore and Jamia Simone Nash in August Rush.

Bryton James - The Vampire Diaries - EYECON Interview

Website: http://thevro.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheVRO Facebook: http://facebook.com/VarietyRadioOnline Tumblr: ...

10 Year Old H.E.R. (Gabi Wilson) on Adobo Nation

Many of you have seen Gabi Wilson (H.E.R.) do covers of her favorite artists. Here you can see and listen her perform her very ...

August Rush Featurette (Pt. 3 of 5)

Behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew of August Rush. Courtesy of IMDB.

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