Delsa Ghorbani interview – video

Sene de qalmaz - Delsa & Arash Bayat (YouthVision Azerbaijan 2017)

Performance of Sene de qalmaz at Youthvision song contest 2017 at Elektra Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan. Piano played by the ...

'Jeyran' & 'Labe Lar' by Delsa on Manoto+

Performance of Ostad Mohammad Nouri's 'Jeyran' and Rashid Behbudhov's 'Labe Lar' by Delsa on Manoto+ Interview for Eid ...

'Ey Iran' by Delsa on Manoto+

Performance of Ostad Mohammad Nouri's 'Ey Iran' by Delsa on Manoto+ Interview for Eid Noorooz 1395. ﺩﺭ ﺭﻭﺡ و ﺟﺎﻥ ﻣﻦ ﻣﻴﻤﺎﻧﻲ اﻱ ...

Zombie - Delsa & Majid Kazemi مجید کاظمی + د‌لسا قرباني

An impromptu 1am Persianified cover of 'Zombie' by The Cranberries ft. the incredible Majid Kazemi. (Special thanks to all the ...

Delsa & Helen - KOKO Club clips

Delsa and Helen's Performance of DON'T SPEAK and SHAB.

Bring me to life by Delsa

A quick cover of Bring me to life from evanescence! :) I recorded more piano onto the video to make the sound fuller :D.

Widmung Opera by Delsa

Recital of Robert Schumann's Op. 25 No. 1 - Widmung.

Shab Bood Biyaban Bood by Delsa

Shab bood biyaban bood by Pouran/ Fereidoon infront of khanoome Googoosh and aghaye Babak :)

Ey Iran by Delsa

Man asheghe Ey Iraneh ostad Mohammad Nouri hastam (RIP), va chand mahe delam mikhaste ke zabtesh bokonam. Merci az ...

How could I ever know Tribute by Delsa

A small tribute to three beautiful people. God bless you all. Even this song's touching lyrics will never measure up to the great ...

Soltane Ghalbha by Delsa

Decided to play my version of soltane ghalba at 3 am... sorry and merci mum!!

Gole goldoon by Delsa and AmirReza

a digital cover of gole goldoon by simin ghanem with my dear friend amirReza who's in iran :)

Dele koochooloo at Norooz by Delsa

Singing Dele Koochooloo by Mahasti (roohesh shad) at a family Norooz party! Merci be Mehrdad, Behnam va Majide aziz baraye ...

Delsa Gole Yakh (480p) دلسا - گل یخ

دلسا - گل یخ آکادمی موسیقی گوگوش.

Hasood Dariush/ Marjan Cover by Delsa

love this song, the lyrics are beautiful!

Mah Pishanoo by Delsa - ماه پیشانو

A quick rendition of Mah Pishanoo at 'Music Makes Change' charity event in aid of LAFF.

Khamooshihaye Sahel by Delsa

Roohesh Shad Ostad Mohammad Nouri!

Koocheh Meli by Delsa

I fell in love with this song after I heard Armin Eslamifar sing it on GMA so made my own version :)

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