Cyndi Lauper interview – video

Lauper Interview

Cyndi Lauper Interview on David Letterman, first or second week of September, 1986. Exact date unknown.

Cyndi Lauper on Motherhood & Music

Cyndi Lauper dishes about her HSN line, hair, motherhood, marriage and backstory of iconic song, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

Cyndi Interview with David Letterman - 1984

Cyndi gives a hilarious interview during "Late Night with David Letterman" on February 8th, 1984.

Cyndi Lauper on Late Night (1993)

Conan O'Brien Cyndi promoting Hat full of stars.

American Bandstand 1984- Interview Cyndi Lauper

Dick Clark interviews Cyndi Lauper on American Bandstand.

Cyndi Lauper interview w/ Johnny and performs Change of Heart

Cyndi Lauper talks marriage, cooking, kids, Japan, and jokes with Johnny.1986 Change of Heart LIVE.

FULL INTERVIEW: Cyndi Lauper on Her Hair and 'Kinky Boots'! – Part 1

We've got the iconic Cyndi Lauper here, and she's talking about changing her hair, and the Broadway musical "Kinky Boots," for ...

Cyndi 1st appearance w/Carson

Cyndi 1st appearance w/Carson.


In a series of interviews spanning more than three decades from 1986 to 2017, Cyndi Lauper shares her take on Madonna.

Dick Clark interviews Cyndi Lauper on American Bandstand

Dick Clark interviews Cyndi Lauper on American Bandstand in 1984.

Cyndi Lauper interview UK TV '87

Cyndi Lauper interview UK TV '87.

Did Cyndi Lauper Hate ‘We Are The World’? | WWHL

Cyndi Lauper is asked about Quincy Jones saying she was difficult to work with on “We Are the World” and Cyndi admits she ...


High quality version

Cyndi Lauper - Interview [cc] Entertainment Tonight 1984

Entertainment Tonight Putt Putt golf with Peewee Herman. Interview promoting her first album.

Cyndi Lauper - Interview (1984)

She's so unusual Era - Early interview with young Cyndi Lauper, where she talks about her life before becoming famous.

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