Alisa Apps interview – video

alisa apps - I Disrespect You

Buy "I DISRESPECT YOU" from "Top of the World": copyright Queenpin Productions LLC Follow Alisa ...

VICTORY LAP - Alisa Apps

Her new single VICTORY LAP is already causing heads to turn. It sounds amazing, showcases Alisa's powerful voice, and ...

The Challenge - Alisa Apps

Better run, corporate pop puppets! Alisa Apps is here to knock you -- and the music world -- out!

The Making of Victory Lap - Alisa Apps

The making of Alisa's Victory Lap. Follow Alisa Apps: Facebook: Instagram: ...

JUDGMENT DAY - Alisa Apps (Live)

Judgment Day by Alisa Apps copyright Follow Alisa Apps: Facebook: ...

Alisa Apps Files Lawsuit Against Universal Music & John Newman

'Need To Know' copyright Alisa Apps

Alisa Apps Sings Live to Manny Pacquiao

Watch me sing to Manny Pacquiao and many cameras. Manny and I had a really good talk. Very interesting! Song: 'Turn It Up ...


A sizzling watch - Alisa Apps names names calls out the popstars and fully reveals her talents. If your goal is to discover the next ...

Alisa Apps Sings -See who Moneymen want Alisa to Knockout.$$

Investment time! Watch Alisa Apps Sing Out with Incredible Power & See who these Moneymen want Alisa to Knockout.

ALISA APPS : BADASS (Explicit) Music Video promo

'BADASS' copyright Alisa Apps. Official Music Video ...

ALISA APPS - Rehearsal Top Of The World - December 2019

Order Top Of The World album on a variety of digital download/CD formats:

Alisa Apps & Canadian's Fightin' Words for Justin Bieber ...

PMS Hacks - Learn to Banish Bloating, Breakouts, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Cramps and more!

I'll be sharing my personal PMS symptom hacks. PMS is so common, but it's a clear and major sign of hormonal imbalance ...

Alisa Apps/ Art work

this is for Alisa Apps... I think you are really inspiring! thank you....Don't LET anyone STOP you!

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